AMPP is a complete metallurgical service provider, working in close partnership with manufacturing companies to supply the unique concept of a comprehensive package under one roof.

Starting with materials inspection and testing through to reporting; AMPP takes its service a step further and applies its in-depth knowledge and experience to offer a specialist materials support and advisory service; something that customers will find difficult or rare to find from one metallurgical service provider with such depth of experience and expertise.

We are committed to providing our customers with the most economic, accurate and effective service possible,replacing the need for in-house fixed cost specialists.

AMPP offers an approved NDT Level III service which completes the full package of technical support available. Our specialists have hands on experience in dye penetrant and magnetic particle inspection. In addition we offer expertise in welding technology and welder approvals; this is especially the case for aerospace to meet ISO requirements.

We can advise on methods of improving chemical and metallurgical processes and specialise in core problem-solving. On-going support and training is offered so that ‘required standards’ can be met first time. Not only do we point out problems with processes and materials, we can actually advise on how to put them right.

OEMs recommend AMPP’s service to their own suppliers so that they can be sure the required standard is received on every project.

Using AMPP’s metallurgical support and training service offers many cost and time saving benefits to clients, and provides a competitive edge by helping to secure contracts, and reduce liability.

AMPP: specialises in all aspects of Metallography, Metallurgical Assessment and Materials Testing;Aerospace Manufacturing Processes and Materials Failure.

Contact us today and we will give you a long term solution that will allow you to improve manufacturing processes, and reduce materials failure.